Popular Rose Gold Watches

Popular Rose Gold Watches

For those who are looking to expand their line of accessories, there will come a time when you decide it’s time to purchase a luxury timepiece. When that time comes, you will have to decide which type of watch to buy based on your budget and personal preference. However, the good news is that purchasing a gold timepiece doesn’t always have to involve spending a large amount of money. This is because most gold watches are available in a multitude of styles and colorways such as yellow gold, white gold, magic gold, etc. However, while there are many other varieties of gold watches available on the market, the most popular one is rose gold.


What Is Rose Gold?

Gold purity is measured in karats, with 24-karat gold often seen as the most purest form of gold possible. And while owning pure gold sounds exciting, the problem with that is it can actually be too soft to wear. This is why most luxury watches and accessories tend to be made up of 18-karats, as the manufacturers try to make the watches more durable by mixing in about 25% of other metals, while also trying not to lose the luxury gold look and feel in the process.

It is for this reason that most gold watches are actually comprised of both copper and silver metals. In fact, when it comes to rose gold, it essentially gets that pink sheen from the high amounts of copper materials that are mixed in with the gold content. This means that in most cases, when the proportion of copper mixed in with gold is higher than silver, there is more likelihood of a pinkish or reddish hue result. It is for this reason that red, rose and even pink gold are similar. With a few exceptions, ofcourse. For instance, red gold normally has the most amount of copper at 25% copper + 0% silver, rose gold comes at 22.5% + 2.75% silver, whilst pink gold is set at 20% copper + 5% silver. However, as long as there is at least 75% of gold material in the watch, then it is classified as 18-karat. When it comes to rose gold, its rise in popularity is applicable not only in the watch industry but also with many other products such as; iPhones, shoes etc. It has become so popular that many luxury watch brands and manufacturers of customised ODM watches are receiving huge orders for these type of watches.

The Most Popular Rose Gold Watch Models

There are many different varieties and with brands that have adopted rose gold into their catalogs. However, while there is no question that it is a quality color, it can sometime be quite difficult to figure out which brands and models are the best on offer. That said, we quickly dived into some of the most popular options that are now readily available in the market.

Rolex GMT-Master II Everose

One of the most popular rose gold watches in the market, the GMT-Master II originally came in a yellow gold color. However, in 2018, Rolex introduced a new black and brown hazel version that combined Stainless Steel and Everrose gold. They call it Everrrose, because every watchmaker usually designs their own types of product alloys and with that comes unique names. Rolex just happens to call their rose gold, Everrose and while it is similar to the normal rose gold version, Rolex usually ends up using platinum in their rose gold designs, hence the name change.

Omega Seamaster Sedna Gold

Much like Rolex, Omega opted to change the name of their rose gold watches to Sedna gold. This color comes as result of a combination between palladium and copper materials, which brings about a rather unique pink shade. As for the watch, there is no question that the Omega Seamaster is an extremely popular model, but the Sedna Gold version is an even more stunning model to behold. If you color matched a rubber strap to the watch’s ceramic bezel and blue coloured dial, it would be the perfect accessory on anybody’s wrist. There is also a two-tone option that comes with a blackmail and watch strap as well, so there are different varieties to choose from.

Patek Philippe Rose Gold 5980

Our final top pick of rose gold watches ends with the Patek Philippe Rose Gold 5980. Unlike Rolex or Omega, Patek Philippe is one of the few notable brands that doesn’t care too much about giving the watch a unique rose gold name. That being said, this model is just as incredibly well-designed and magnificent as the other two. It comes with a beautiful clean dial which also comes with chronograph functionality. In fact, it is actually quite the popular choice even among celebrities, as the movie actor Sylvester Stallone is also known to own one and is often seen rocking this specific watch model. However, if you google a list of celebrities, you will see that he is not the only one who has been captivated by its rose gold sheen.


There is no question that the rose gold watches are the most exciting colorway pieces in the current market. This is also purely evident by how popular the model has become especially, among the rich and famous. Even celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Robert Downey Jr, Ellen DeGeneres, Ed Sheeran and many more, has decided to opt for the pink hue, more than any other color.

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