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Perhaps the most famous is the OMEGA, which is the very first around the moon. NASEG named it OMEGA Speed Master Professional because it is the standard equipment for all Apollo missions, and the actual appearance is the same fifty years later. Omega watches from PFC retailers. Since 1848, Omega has continually redefined modern mechanical watchmaking technology, which will become the epitome of elegance and fashion. Based on their pioneering spirit, the well-known legendary brand has possibly participated in the most challenging and exciting adventure in history. Omega watches are designed to suit a demanding lifestyle and can find you through many personal actions and adventures.

Omega, as the world-famous watch brand, impresses people deeply with its precision, quality, and features. After promoting a James Bond movie, in addition to being the first watch brand of the month to be honored, this brand has become the core group, independent of professional or non-professional watch collectors or even people. Therefore, there are undoubtedly countless replicas of Omega replicas that have appeared in the market but also of different quality. Our Omega replica manages to cover almost every detail of genius from design to function, even side by side compared to race genius. It is also difficult to define. Another important point is that we offer a lower price than these formulas. So what are you waiting for? Go upstairs to get one of yours! Omega is synonymous with luxury style and luxury watch production, offering some of the most functional and sophisticated watches that never lose quality and style. During his first visit to the watch this month, Omega became one of the most durable watches in the industry.

For more than half a century, Omega Speed has witnessed several historic milestones that have challenged the limits of human life and confidence, including its first mission used in July 1969 and implemented by NASA since March 1965. Each mission is a mission. Omega Speed Master follows the branding model. Famous Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch imitators were present at six public messages per month. This is the first mental model of the label. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch not only has all the time-saving functions of Speedmaster clocks but also has a satellite and marking history. The moon face mask is also made of sandstone, and the moon face itself uses a native landscape pattern to celebrate history. The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch replica is equipped with a black dial, a few seconds knockout, a 30-minute historical subdial, a 12-hour chronograph subwoofer, and a hand-held center case, as well as a sapphire-resistant mirror. The 42mm stainless steel cases are fitted with a black bezel with a speed gauge and a matching bracelet. To show the beauty of the movement, the watch uses a very hollow dial, the color of the motion cap was changed to black for special treatment, and the motion cap with laser surgery to show the surface of the moon was properly modified. Omega watches are known for their durability and precision and are known for their elegant and sporty design. Sponsored by actors, actresses, models, and athletes such as George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Ian Thorpe, Michael Schumacher, and Olympic Michael Phelps, OMEGA attracts a diverse group of individuals through its wide range of features and style. It's not just people in the entertainment industry who use Omega watches. Prominent politicians have also invested in stylish Omega watches. Mikhail Gorbachev, a former Soviet statesman, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, has a golden constellation, while US Vice President Joe Biden uses the Bond Seamaster. To prove that Omega watches are right for the prince, Prince William of England was photographed with the professional Seamaster.

While imitating classic models such as the Speedmaster and Seamaster, counterfeit products try to make money in the image of the endurance market, imitating small details that ordinary people do not notice. If you want to buy an Omega watch, find out what you are looking for. Follow this guide to understand the difference between real Omega and fake Omega.

The dial

Make sure everything is spelled correctly and that there is still room for the call. Does the design take into account the details or are there flaws? A spelling or engraving error is an obvious gift to a false omega.

Logo of OMEGA

On authentic Omega watches, the logo is a separate piece of metal attached to the dial. Effects, on the other hand, usually paint the logo.


Luxury watch brands including Omega all use Swiss feet to design watches. Therefore, both hands must have a face and not interfere with the sound of the quartz watch. If you hear a ticking sound or see your hand stuttering, you can guess it is wrong.


Also, do not forget to measure the capability of the cover adjustment. During maintenance, both hands of Omega testicles should be stopped to ensure accuracy. However, with counterfeit Omega, even during maintenance, the hand will continue.

The light

Omega watches are equipped with a reflective surface called the fire that glows in the dark. This is why markers, hands, and points on the rotating frame should glow when turning off the lights. Of course, the fake Omega may still have lumens, but its light is sad compared to the original. You just need to keep it brightly lit for 15 minutes to test your watch. When you turn off the light, it should glow brightly and last a considerable amount of time. Omega also usually has lumens that cover more surfaces of the hand and markers than fake models with only fine lines.

Date of collection

Serial numbers seven or eight digits, which are attached to a particular model, stamp each Omega. If you are looking for a serial number for this series, make sure it matches the reader. What a difference a red flag should make. Also, remember where the number is. Older models are mounted on a smaller interior, while modern clocks are mounted on the bottom of a carpet.

Special specification

As one of the longest and most active hours, the Omega Speedmaster is really needed. And that’s why it’s also in the Omega model of imitation. It not only fights up to 50 meters of water to reach but also includes a helium valve. Counterfeiters do not have the time or money to install such special equipment. Therefore, if a watch advertised as Omega is missing, it is clearly a forgery. And even if the clock has one, it doesn’t mean it works.

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