Rolex Fake Watches

According to Forbes, Rolex is in the top 100 most powerful and famous brands in the world. Rolex is known for being almost synonymous with luxury watches and a symbol of success. Naturally, Rolex is replicated in various ways. For many years, many foreign watch manufacturers responded to demand by producing high-quality counterfeit watches. Many Rolex replicas, on trained eyes, are almost modern copies. All fake Rolex watches that can’t be noticed just by looking. The only way to validate this is to take the clock to an authorized dealer, watchdog worker, or shopkeeper to check where they are available and see the internal movements. However, there are still some signs of Rolex watches that can be seen without a face. Considering the increasing complexity of Rolex sportswear, our experts ask us: How do we see redness in the eye? What are the long-term needs of experts? Read our comprehensive guide for more details and requirements to see the fake Rolex.

Rolex appearance

Bottom Cover-The easiest way to identify a fake Rolex is to look at the bottom cover, which is almost always smooth metal. Therefore, if the watch you are checking has a glass box on the back and you can see the movement of the watch, it is a fake Rolex watch or one of the rare transparent 1030 watches made by Rolex.

The back of the record-Rolex case is very smooth and has no nicks at all, so please pay attention if you see it. In other words, you should note that Rolex has produced two watches engraved on the back of the case: Sea Dweller, with a "Rolex Oyster-style exhaust valve" on the outside arc on the back of the case. And the Milgauss model with a similar design.

The quality of steel-Rolex does not provide 14k hours of gold or gold wrap or bracelets. Rolex real is stainless steel, 18k gold, or platinum. If you see a Rolex showing gold or faded metal under gold, it is counterfeit.

Zoom-In real-time Rolex clocks and dates, Rolex adds a pull-out window, called "Cyclops" Cyclops to the actual Rolex number will increase the date up to 2.5 times larger than normal size, which makes the date a real waste because the date will take up a whole glass of glasses. Most fake watches will have a magnitude of 1.5x or less, making the date look smaller and harder to read. Also, in the original version, the Cyclops date window is dead in the middle of the number, the copy is not always the same. So if the date appears to be the same size or difficult to see from the side or side of the cyclops, it may be fake. It is important to note that there are fake Rolex printed on a large text wheel to mimic this stunning look.

GMT Handles - For a real Rolex, the green GMT handles are located between the hour and minute. Fake Rolex GMT handles usually sit next to the dial button and do not enter the hands of the watch/minute. This is not a simple control of counterfeiters, but due to the specific limitations of the counterfeit campaign they use.

Blurred photos - Photos were taken by satellites or surveillance drones are usually a sign that something is wrong. Even the most amateurish. Photographers with telephone cameras should be able to capture the right sets, cases, and motion footage. If the seller refuses to give you a few clear shots - go!

Rolex feel

Weight-The method of detecting counterfeit Rolex watches is to use the watch head. Rolex (Rolex) original watches, especially modern watches, feel "sturdy". This strong feeling is usually attributed to the high weight of the watch metal. The Rolex Oyster case is made of a single piece of 904L steel or precious metal. You can feel the extra weight from the sports center. Counterfeit Rolex watches are usually lighter than original watches.

Check the curved crown on the "3" on the side of the curved crown-clock. The curved crown on the fake Rolex will usually be an original crown to move the hands of the minute and hour, while the genuine Rolex will have delicate engraving and grooves that can be felt by touch.

Details - Most counterfeit Rolex brands are small parts that show no strict quality control. The Rolex is great: the surface quality is good, the markers are perfect, the pen is perfect, the markers are perfect, and the wallet and wrist need to be round, with no sharp edges.

Rolex sound

The actual Rolex case scans almost well. It should be very smooth to the naked eye, and the fake tick jumps clean. In real Rolex motion, the seconds are divided into eight steps, creating an almost smooth and even deceleration (that's 28,800 per hour). This requires a high level of movement. Even if the copy uses a Swiss-made motion, the second tick usually jumps visible instead of swiping. So if it “jumps”, it is fake, but if you swipe it smoothly, you may need to look a step further and learn the actual movement in the clock.

Unlike most Rolex watches.

Model and serial number-Rolex watches have a case closed. Few sellers can easily open the case to show movement, so we had to look carefully outside the case. Rolex engraved the model number (case) between the serial number between 12 o'clock delay and 6 o'clock slow. Since 2005, Rolex has started engraving serial numbers on the inner bezel under the crystal at 6 pm. Fake Rolex often has a fake model number that can be detected with a simple Google search. By looking at the model's case size, you can tell if it fits or not.

Reference number between the Rolex dial

The letters on the original Rolex dial and the letters printed on the dial must be accurate and have very clean edges (clearly visible under high magnification). Clear engraving-The serial number and the housing reference number between the protrusions are engraved very finely and clearly. In fake Rolex cases, these numbers are often sandblasted or roughly etched into the case. As you can see in the example below, the print between the original Rolex protrusions has very thin lines that capture light like the cut edge of a diamond.


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