The Best Dive Watches In The Market

The Best Dive Watches In The Market


Dive watches are some of the most purchased and popular styles of timepieces that are sold in the market. However, the irony behind these watches, is that they are rarely ever used for their intended purposes. Moreover, most dive watches rarely come into contact with water, even though they are designed to withstand huge amounts of water pressure out at sea. It is also the type of watch that can suit almost any occasion. And while many potential watch buyers may wonder why anyone would invest so much money on such an expensive timepiece, despite not utilizing its waterproof properties, here’s some food for thought…


For instance, while you could say spending a large amount of money on a dive watch without being an actual diver sounds pointless, it raises the question, why are most people are happy to spend the same on supercars despite there being speed limits on most roads? It’s simple. It comes down to the design, technique, brand, and overall history. It doesn’t matter, if you are someone who prefers to invest in expensive originals or prefers to own affordable replica watches, no collection is complete without owning a dive watch. As such, we decided to take a “dive” into these watches. And explore some of the best models that are available for purchase right now. Moreover, we decided to focus not on the standard diving models, but the higher-class models that can go up to a depth of 2000m or more.


1. Rolex Sea-Dweller


This timepiece is another classic watch that goes as far back as the early fifties. During it's creation, it was sent down in a deep-sea submersible up to a depth of 11,000m. And the watch returned above sea level in perfect working condition. At the time, it was an impressive achievement, especially because even the most expensive dive watches could only function properly up to a depth of 300m max. However, it was only in 2008, that Rolex released their new model in the watch market. They stated that the watch could confidently be submerged up to a depth of 3,900m and still be in perfect working condition. In terms of appearance, it’s a large-sized timepiece that comes with a 44-mm case. The designers also made sure that the newer model stuck true to the original classic Sea-Dweller design.


2. Hublot Oceanographic 4000


This was initially released in 2011 and presented as a symbolic timepiece that pushes the limits of what makes up a dive watch, as it’s design went even further than what was initially thought possible. It is a watch that is capable of working at a depth of up to 4000m below sea level. It is also designed in a titanium or carbon case that is sized as a 48mm case. Additionally, this timepiece comes with two crowns, with the top most crown being what configures the inner rotating bezel, while the lower crown configures and winds the timepiece itself.


3. IWC Aquatimer Ocean 2000 Edition


This timepiece is a timeless classic that goes back to the 1980s. it was designed by Ferdinand Porsche and was meant to be a useful tool for mine clearance divers at a minimum sea-level depth of about 200m. It was not too long after that, that the timepiece became a watch staple that was now available for non-military use. It wasn’t too long ago that IWC celebrated its 35th anniversary by re-designing the model by making it slightly smaller in size, while still managing to retain its water-depth resistance.


4. UTS 4000M Professional Diver


It’s important to realize that it is not only the big luxurious watch brands that have taken the plunge into the dive watch market. UTS is a small German watchmaking brand that crafts 100% handmade timepieces and their professional diver model is one of the best-designed models in their current collection. The timepiece is manufactured using solid German stainless steel and comes with a rotating bezel and 6mm sapphire glass that is fixed in place using 7 screws.




Now, despite the impressive features and functionalities that such dive watches offer, many people still wonder why there is any point to them. This is because there doesn't seem to be a logical reason why companies would create watches that can make it thousands of meters underwater when humans can only safely make it to a depth of about 500m below sea level. After all, a human can’t go any further than that without a full specialized diving suit to survive the water pressure of that depth, so why bother?


Well, to be fairly honest it’s like we said at the beginning of the article. Sometimes you don’t need a reason to build something overly grand, because people not only buy such luxurious items for their practicality but for other reasons such as; history, design, brand recognition, etc. Despite the fact that watchmakers are crafting timepieces that can survive in high-pressure environments that we will possibly never reach, it doesn't change the fact that they manage to design these watches with excellent precision, technique, and class. It is a testament to how watch brands and designers are constantly pushing the limits of the everyday watch, and while some of these functionalities aren’t necessary, the one thing they do guarantee is that dive watches are designed to last. This makes them a worthwhile investment for any experienced or budding watch collector.

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