The Importance Of Maintaining Your Timepiece Using Tools

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Timepiece Using Tools


It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing your first official timepiece. Or are simply adding another model to your watch collection. It also doesn’t matter, if it’s a Rolex timepiece or a Richard Mille watch, and neither does it matter, if it is a dive watch or a sports watch. The fact remains that watch maintenance is important to help extend the lifespan of any timepiece. Moreover, proper maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean taking your watch to a certified technician every few years for a checkup but instead refers to daily routine care. This is something anybody can achieve in the comfort of their own homes using unique tools and accessories that help make the maintenance process easier.


Whether you are switching out your watch band or removing scratches and stains from your watch bezel, maintenance is key. So, we decided it was prudent to put together an important list of items that will help you better look after your timepiece in the most professional way possible. In fact, this list of accessories is highly useful, especially if you are the kind of watch collector or owner that prefers taking matters into their own hands and handling routine watch care yourself. And if you are just getting started, this list of items should help make you realize that you can conduct simple repairs on your watch yourself, without having to spend money taking it to a professional technician.


1. Spring Bar Tool


The first recommended maintenance accessory we suggest is a spring bar tool. This handy little accessory allows watch owners to swap put any standard wrist band and easily replace it with another. When you purchase a new watch, depending on the brand, they usually come free in the box but even if you don’t have one, they are very cheap to purchase, costing about $5 on average while those on the higher-end average at about $25. However, you should not be fooled by those with the cheaper price point, because just because they look similar to the more expensive models, doesn’t mean the material they are made of is. As such, we would suggest that you avoid going for the cheapest varieties and opt for the more higher quality spring bar tools instead. They may be pricier but they are normally more reliable and longer lasting.  You can also be on the look out for spring bar tweezers as an alternative accessory. They may be more expensive but they are much simpler to use, allowing for easy removal of your watch’s spring bars.


2. Polywatch Cleaning Solution


Another important maintenance item is Polywatch. For those unfamiliar with it, it is an affordable polishing against that helps you buff out any scratches or stains on any timepiece that is made with acrylic glass. It is a necessary cleaning tool that you should have in your arsenal, as watches are prone to getting scratched from time to time. Polywatch also offers an alternative solution for mineral glass watches, but it’s overall effectiveness is not as guaranteed as the acrylic glass version.


3. Travel Cases


Those watch owners who are prone to constant travel know very well how important owning a quality watch travel case can be. This applies especially to those who have a rather generous watch collection and prefer to carry along different varieties over the course of a trip. As such there are usually two main varieties on offer: Watch Boxes & Watch Rolls.


Watch boxes are small and compact enough to hold up to eight different watches with some high-end designs coming as glass-top boxes, for those who want either their luxury brand watches or customised replica watches stored in style. However, if you only have one or two watches that you would like to carry along, there is also the alternative of purchasing a watch roll instead. It is simple, lightweight and very convenient to fit in any small bag or backpack.


Either way, regardless of the number of watches you own, purchasing one of these watch tools is vital for watch safety and protection. You can easily browse the internet and find several options at an average price of about $25, but if you want something a bit more sophisticated, there are also a handful of handcrafted, specialised box designs that are made of unique materials being sold at much heftier prices.




For many watch owners, purchasing a magnifying glass or microscope may not be that necessary especially for simple tasks like switching out a wrist strap. However, owning one does have it’s benefits in the long-run, especially if you intend to maintain and add more timepieces to your collection in the future. This is because the more invested you get into watches, the more you are going to value the detail and high quality finishing that these luxury watches come in. By using a magnifying glass, you will be able to better view your timepiece’s finer details that may be invisible to the naked eye and better maintain your watch be it from, smudges, stains, scratches, dents etc.


However, it is recommended that you invest in a higher end model of a magnifying glass. This is because the cheaper versions tend to sometimes lack in overall sharpness. You can invest in a microscope, which is much more accurate, allowing you to examine your watch’s surface and edges in finer detail. And while to some investing in a microscope may sound unnecessarily excessive, believe us when we say, it’s not. After all, a pocket microscope will roughly set you back about $25 on average, while your watch possibly costs 10 if not, 100 times as much! So, you have nothing to lose by getting one, it will be to your benefit in the end.




In short, that should summarise our list of recommended timepiece maintenance tools and accessories. This list doesn’t cover every single maintenance accessory out there but it shows the most important ones. Plus, the more you become invested in growing your watch collection, the more your need for more maintenance tools will naturally expand, so this handy guide should help you get started.

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